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Home Alarm Monitoring


You can depend on us with our reliable and responsive monitoring systems.Alarm Monitoring

It’s pretty impossible to be everywhere at the same time. ProStar Security’s home alarm monitoring comes in when you’re not able to be there to help protect you and your family. Emergencies will happen and you’ll want someone to be there to take care of it before you can get there. We will send help to your home when you’re unable to be there.

  • We will send out the fire department if smoke or heat is detected.
  • You and authorities will be alerted if carbon monoxide is present within your home.
  • If temperatures drastically change or if water is present, you will be contacted.
  • You will be alerted if someone uninvited guests try to enter your home.




U.L Approved

When it comes to safety in your home- our service, technology and performance is relied on.

ProStar Security uses a U.L approved monitoring system that allows us to give you immediate response and attention for your home’s alarm and security system. We partner with industry-leading companies to guarantee the equipment, technology, and response time is dependable when you need it.











Do You Want to Use a Pre-Existing Alarm System?

If your pre-existing alarm system isn’t monitored or tracked or if you want to change monitoring systems, we can help! Our alarm monitoring systems are compatible with virtually any system.
We’re there to help anytime you need it. Contact ProStar Security today for a free consultation and quote!