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Small Business Security With ProStar

Investment Your Money With Security


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Whether you’re starting up a new business or changing location, incorporating a small business security system is critical to protect yourself and employees. Having a small business security system will guarantee the security and alarm monitoring, plus more options to save you time and money for your business.

Small businesses that incorporate a monitoring system typically gain discounts on their insurance premiums. With ProStar Security, you will receive a full interactive and automation options to control more outlook on the business when you’re present and away. Along with invasion or intrusion, be secure from a technology standpoint from IP video surveillance.



Alarm Monitoring and Business Automation

With our wireless security system features, you’re provided a helping hand when you need it the most.

  • Remote control various elements of your security system from your phone or desktop
  • Turn on automation of lights, appliances, etc.
  • No more unnecessary trips to turn off lights or secure the business
  • ProStar provides emergency personnel for quick and easy response


We can help customize a security system that works for you and your small business!

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