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Remote Solutions


Access From The Tips of Your Fingers

Almost every family home or operated business uses some type of alarm system. Having an alarm system requires remote access for family members and all employees to access the building to provide convenience and protection while you’re there or away. It will be as easy as entering the app through your phone to unlock and lock the doors to your home or business.

Check in From Anywhere at Anytime

Wouldn’t it be nice to unlock your home or business from anywhere at anytime? Well you can with ProStar Security. Our remote control options allows you to access your home or business while you’re at or traveling for the week. With our video monitoring options, you will be able to check in and out of your home or business. This feature will show you who is at your door or entering your home or business.

Remote Solutions
Our advanced and wireless Alert 360 system and monitoring services, along with our app provide control from your fingertips.

  • Know when a door or window is opened
  • Use the alarm system from where ever you are
  • Remotely lock and unlock your home or business
  • View live video from your mobile device or tablet or PC
  • Receive alerts and clips via your smartphone
  • Adjust the lights and temperature within your home

ProStar Security is always there for protection, security, and safety when you need it most!


Features and Benefits:

Stay connected and operate your video security system from your smartphone app. It’s as easy as checking a text message or email. Enjoy your home alarm system remotely with:

  • Use remote control while you’re away or traveling
  • Log-in from anywhere
  • While motion sensors are activated, playback video surveillance
  • Option to surveillance certain aspects of your home
  • Offsite footage
  • Receive notifications via text message or email



Stay Connected With Remote Video Access

ProStar Security offers remote video monitoring to see who is coming inside at all times.

Our remote video monitoring allows you to see when your kids arrive home safely from school, check in on your pets, ensure your home is safe while on vacation, and keeping an eye on outdoor areas as well.