ProStar Security

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Frequently Asked Questions by customers


1. Why choose ProStar Security for your security solutions?

A: ProStar Security is one of the leading security solutions systems providing safety for central Alabama. Our security solutions protect your home and business from the tip of your finger. We incorporate Alert 360 that secures your home from invasion, fires, and energy efficient matter.

2. How fast do the authorities show up?

A: Responders are notified seconds after your alarm is triggered, and will show up to your home or business.

3. Can I switch security systems to ProStar Security?

A: Yes, absolutely. Our team and representatives will speak with you on behalf of your home or business, along with your security needs. If you’re wanting switch over from a current security company, we’ll have to go through the process of transition.

4. I don’t want to re-wire our home for a security system. Is there an alternative solution?

A: ProStar Security offers wireless security systems for your home or business. No internal wiring needed! The wireless security systems have a reminder to change out the battery before it goes bad.

5. What if there’s a power outage?

A: Your monitoring systems will not be shut off due to an outage. Our security systems are backed up with generators, backup batteries, and automatically turn on when a power outage hits.

6. My control panel says “low battery”. What do I do?

A: Batteries are backed up due from a power outage. Once the power is restored, the battery will start recharging its original battery. If you’re not receiving power still, please contact our representatives to find the solution.

7. Will my alarm system still work properly if I cancel my landline telephone?

A: With our alarm monitoring system and WiFi monitoring, it allows the option of eliminating your landline telephone.