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Home Energy Management Systems


Control Your Energy Costs.

Do you have high energy bills? ProStar’s energy management systems can help with reducing your energy used within your home by creating a more comfortable environment. From staying home during the day and going out at night, we can help control your appliances, lighting, and other units that use energy from your mobile phones through automated energy management. Keep your home secure and running more energy efficient when you’re home or away.

When you have control of your appliances and home energy systems, you will be eliminating waste and increasing comfort within your home. Our energy management systems will increase efficiency, and help you save money on your energy costs. With saving money on energy costs, it will allow you to:

  • Adjust your lights and inside temperature
  • Track energy supply and usage on various appliances throughout your homeEnergy Management
  • Schedule temperature settings when you’re not home
  • Set energy saving goals you want to meet




With the combination of our energy management systems with interactive security, home automation, and video monitoring, your home will be safe, secure, and an energy efficient environment to live in.


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